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Nykøbing Falster Sygehus

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Project period
2012 - 2018
Project sum
225 mio. kr. (12 PL)


As part of an upgrade of Nykøbing Falster Hospital to fulfill its role as one of Region Zealand's four acute hospitals The Regional Council the 6th of November 2014 approved the project for modernization of the Hospital, MANA.

The project outlines a new building with two furnished floors of 7,428 m2 and basement, construction of one unfurnished and raw floor of 2,078 m2 as well as preparation for further one floor of 2,016 m2.

The new building includes: • Intensive care section with 10 beds at ground level • Acute observation section with 18 beds at ground level • Establishment of 24-27 cardiological beds on the first floor • Unfurnished and raw 2nd floor • Preparation for the 3rd floor • Machine for washing beds in the basement level • Corridor between new and existing emergency department at ground level

Furthermore a small sum for necessary renovations to existing buildings.

The building is the first stage of a full development plan for the hospital with a total of 253 new beds with associated new treatment section for surgery and diagnostic imaging.

Nanna Thorup (Building Consultant):
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Financed by
Region Sjælland
General planning: C.F. Møller A/S Total Adviser: White Architects A/S Sub-consultants: Lyngkilde A/S, ARK PLAN and Jeanet Lemche Client Advisors: MOE A/S. Constuction management: Friis Andersen A/S.
Approval for grants from the Quality Fund (Kvalitetsfonden)
Not applicable
News and updates from the construction project
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