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Nyt Universitetshospital i Odense - Nyt OUH, somatik

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Project period
Project sum
6,3 bn DKK. (2009 Price index)


New OUH is the new university hospital in the Region of Southern Denmark that will replace the existing university hospital in Odense. In total, the hospital will be approx. 250.000 m2. New OUH will be constructed on an empty field to the south of the University of Southern Denmark. The hospital and the university will be connected physically, which will create better opportunities for research collaborations between the two institutions. The area will be remodelled to create a more attractive environment for the patients with added greenery, newly established walking paths, and courtyards with places to sit, rest, or workout. New OUH will be constructed in a manner that makes it easy to adjust the finished building. The possibility of a 100 % expansion of clinical functions of the hospital has been an important part of the planning of the hospital. The building can be expanded with an additional 250.000 m2 with no change to the clinical structure or adverse effects on the hospital logistics.

CEO Peter Fosgrau;
Upcoming tenders
Tenders: Site development 2. quarter 2016. Building contracts 3. quarter 2017.
Financed by
Kvalitetsfonden and the Region of Southern Denmark
Client Consultant CF Møller og NIRAS A/S (konsortium) Lead Consultant: Medic OUH I/S
Approval for grants from the Quality Fund (Kvalitetsfonden)
Final accept and approval for financial request